Growth & Development

Drive growth with career path planning.

Integrate career development into performance management for continuous growth and skill enhancement.

Strategic insight into career development

Frankli exceeds HR tools, offering strategic insights into employee career paths. Empower HR and leaders to support managers in understanding team aspirations, fostering individual career success.

Personalised approach for professional success

Unlock personalised career development with Frankli. Align individual goals with organizational objectives, guide teams on targeted pathways, and foster fulfilling careers.

Fueling growth through career path planning

Frankli integrates career path planning into performance management, aligning individual goals with organisational strategies, revolutionising HR practices for continuous growth and making career pathways integral to professional journeys.


Empower employee career growth.

Guide employees on personalised career paths, aligning their goals with organisational objectives for mutual success.


Streamlined application process.

Simplify career pathway applications with our intuitive process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for employees.


Highlight employee profiles.

Display individual strengths, skills, and career progress, fostering a more connected and engaged workforce.

Other features

Personalised Goals & Support


Personal Development Goal Tracking

Craft personalised development goals that directly align with individual career aspirations & support career progression.


Enhance Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Find a Coach or Mentor, use structured agendas, feedback tools, and automated reminders to foster meaningful sessions.


Frankli is the first performance management platform that people managers actually love to use.

Rated #1 for Quality of Support on G2


Boost engagement with seamless feedback.

Streamline 1-on-1s and foster open communication with user-friendly tools and regular feedback.