ROI Calculator

Calculating the Real Cost of Attrition & Disengagement

When workplaces falter, employees disengage & leave, costing employers significantly. Use our calculators to estimate these costs and see Frankli's ROI.

Calculate Attrition Costs

Maximising Return on Investment and Calculating Attrition Costs

Maximising Return on Investment

Leadership teams value data, but quantifying the ROI of business tools can be challenging. While Frankli offers numerous benefits, we emphasise solving two major organisational challenges: disengagement and attrition. Our calculators have proven invaluable in demonstrating the substantial commercial return on investing in people and performance.

Calculate Your Attrition Costs

First, select either "Leader" or "Entry" level positions, and use the slider to indicate "Annual salary + benefits" to calculate attrition costs based on SHRM-validated data. Use our calculator to uncover the true cost of employee turnover, factoring in recruitment, time lost, and disruption.

Attrition Calculation

For each employee lost, the cost to the company could be 50% for entry level & 250% for leadership roles of his/her annual salary. (SHRM) Use our tool to calculate this impact on your organisation.

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Total cost of attrition


Calculate Disengagement Costs

Ensuring a Significant Return of Investment

Recognising Disengagement

Low event or survey participation, high absenteeism, and decreased productivity indicate disengagement, impacting finances. Measure the financial impact of employee disengagement using Gallup’s data to improve engagement and productivity.

Calculate the Cost of Disengagement

Simply select your current headcount & average salary details to discover your current cost of disengagement. Our calculator illustrates the financial benefits of tools that enhance your bottom line. Imagine the positive impact of increasing engagement by just 1%!

Disengagement Calculation

According to Gallup, 17.20% of the workforce is actively disengaged, costing employers 34% of each disengaged employee’s annual salary. Use our tool to calculate this impact on your organisation.



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