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Frankli helps busy people managers set goals and provide continuous feedback to their teams — while giving total visibility to HR.

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Performance management is a shared responsibility, but people managers often lack the tools needed to actively support the process.


Of HR leaders believe their employees aren’t getting enough feedback for improvement.

Managers know they should be doing more 1-on-1s, but end up delivering most of their feedback in annual reviews.


Of HR leaders believe the right behaviors aren’t being rewarded within their org.

Managers end up creating goals in isolation because they don’t have time to make sure their OKRs align with other teams.


Of HR Leaders say they need more precise performance metrics.

HR teams have no idea whether or not each department manager is actually following their performance management process.


Frankli is the first performance management platform that people managers actually love to use.

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Meeting templates

Everything busy managers need to run more frequent 1-on-1s.

Frankli provides managers meeting templates with talking points, sample questions, and an easy place to capture notes during a 1-on-1, so they give more regular feedback without feeling overburdened.


Goal-setting made easy
(and transparent).

Frankli provides suggestions of realistic goals for each team and lets managers see each exactly what OKRs other teams have set — helping ensure each team supports the company’s priorities.

In-depth reporting

Get the context around employees’ productivity and well-being.

HR teams and senior leaders can monitor when managers meet with their employees and what was covered in each meeting with Frankli’s in-depth reporting.


Frankli’s consistent feedback loop makes annual reviews a breeze... or you might not need them at all.

Automated meeting reminders

Promote meaningful conversations and increased accountability through regular, productive 1:1’s.

Continuous feedback

Use real-time, constructive engagement to celebrate wins and positively impact performance.

Coaching and mentoring

Encourage employee development by offering opportunities to build skills, work on key projects, and connect with leaders.

Shared OKR goals

Ensure teams stay aligned on priorities, reach benchmarks faster, and promote a goal-setting culture.

Review cycles

Modernize your performance reviews with effective, user-friendly feedback on a continuous — not annual — basis.

People analytics

Use real-time, multi-sourced data analytics to uncover important links between performance and engagement.

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