Empower Managers with Frankli's Suite of Tools.

Simplify feedback and goal-setting, enhancing team performance and career development.


Streamlined Feedback Processes

Frankli equips managers with a user-friendly platform, streamlining 1-on-1s with automated reminders, templates, and talking points for regular, constructive feedback without feeling overburdened.


Transparent Goal-Setting and Collaboration

Empowering managers, Frankli suggests transparent, realistic goals tailored to each team, ensuring alignment with company priorities. Fostering collaboration, it promotes a unified approach to organisational goals.


Career Development Guidance

Frankli offers managers insights into individual career aspirations, enabling personalised development guidance. Aligning team goals with growth fosters a supportive environment for employee career success.


Real-Time Performance Insights

Continuous feedback loops and advanced People Analytics empower managers with real-time insights into team performance and engagement, fostering a high-performance culture through informed decision-making and prompt issue resolution.

Product Features

Equip Managers with Tools for Success.

Cost of attrition

Calculate Attrition Costs

Discover the true cost of employee turnover with our calculator, considering recruitment, time lost, and disruption.

Attrition Calculation

For each employee lost, the cost to the company could be 50% for entry level & 250% for leadership roles of his/her annual salary. (SHRM) Use our tool to calculate this impact on your organisation.

Employee experience

Annual salary + benefits



Cost of disengagement

Calculate Disengagement Costs

Measure the financial impact of employee disengagement using Gallup’s data to improve engagement and productivity.

Disengagement Calculation

According to Gallup, 17.20% of the workforce is actively disengaged, costing employers 34% of each disengaged employee’s annual salary. Use our tool to calculate this impact on your organisation.



Median annual salary