Performance Management

Real-time feedback for continuous improvement.

Improve or eliminate annual reviews with automated reminders for productive 1-on-1s and seamless feedback.

Unlock real-time feedback loops

Frankli transforms performance management, replacing annual reviews with a dynamic feedback loop, automated meeting reminders for productive 1-on-1s, and optional annual reviews.

Transparent goal-setting for teams

Frankli eradicates isolated goal-setting, empowering managers with a transparent process, realistic suggestions, and facilitating alignment with company priorities, fostering a collaborative culture.

Modernised review cycles

Frankli modernizes performance reviews, breaking free from tradition with continuous, user-friendly feedback, fostering employee growth, skill enhancement, and career advancement.

1:1 meetings

Effective 1:1 meetings for team success.

Conduct regular, meaningful check-ins to foster communication and drive individual performance.

OKR Goals

Align team objectives with OKR goals.

Set and track transparent, realistic goals to ensure alignment with organisational priorities.

Continuous feedback

Foster growth with continuous feedback.

Provide ongoing, constructive feedback to support employee development and skill enhancement.

Other features

Thriving engagement for everyone


Review cycles

Simplify and streamline your review cycles with continuous, user-friendly feedback and advanced analytics.


Dashboard / Analytics

Gain valuable insights with our intuitive dashboard and advanced analytics for informed decision-making.


Frankli is the first performance management platform that people managers actually love to use.

Rated #1 for Quality of Support on G2

Growth & Development

Drive growth with career path planning.

Integrate career development into performance management for continuous growth and skill enhancement.