Boost engagement with seamless feedback.

Enhance communication with user-friendly tools, personalised surveys, and real-time insights to drive continuous improvement.

Seamless feedback

Our platform streamlines 1-on-1s, providing templates and a user-friendly interface for effortless feedback, fostering open communication and engagement culture.

Holistic employee development

Cultivate employee development with Frankli's coaching, mentoring, and skill-building. Connect with leaders, engage in projects, and promote continuous learning for exceeding expectations and enhancing professional skills.

Multi-sourced feedback for comprehensive insight

Frankli gathers multi-sourced feedback via 1:1 meetings, tools, and surveys, offering comprehensive insights for understanding employee sentiment and continuous improvement strategies.

On-demand surveys

Instant surveys for real-time geedback.

Quickly gather actionable insights to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

Customisable surveys

Tailor-made surveys for specific insights.

Design personalised surveys to address unique team needs and drive meaningful engagement.

Data-driven insights

Actionable insights from data-driven analytics.

Leverage comprehensive data to inform decisions and enhance overall team performance.


Frankli is the first performance management platform that people managers actually love to use.

Rated #1 for Quality of Support on G2

Performance Management

Real-time feedback for continuous improvement.

Improve or eliminate annual reviews with automated reminders for productive 1-on-1s and seamless feedback.