Feedback for Team Members: 47 Peer Feedback Examples

Looking to construct feedback for team members? Our peer-to-peer feedback examples will help you put together effective feedback in minutes.

When we think of feedback, we often think of managers giving feedback to employees, but peer feedback can be just as valuable. According to research by Gartner (1), peer feedback can boost employee performance by as much as 14%. It helps us identify performance strengths and weaknesses, and strengthens bonds across the team, all while contributing to the company’s wider feedback culture. So it’s definitely in our interest to invest time in constructing feedback for team members.

peer feedback examples for employees and teammates

With that in mind, we wanted to share our favourite examples of peer-to-peer feedback. We highly recommend you grab our free download, so you can use our samples as a handy feedback template.

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How to Give Peer Feedback

Our general tips on giving effective feedback provide a perfect starting point, but there are a few extra considerations to make when giving peer feedback.


For one reason or another, some people struggle with receiving feedback from their coworkers, and with constructive feedback in particular, a team meeting isn’t always the best forum. It’s important to lay the groundwork and get the timing right. Simply asking, “Are you open to feedback?” gives the other person control over when and how they’d like to hear your feedback. A digital feedback platform like the one in Frankli can be really useful too. People are notified when a peer has submitted feedback, but can choose to read it at a time that suits them.


If you find giving feedback to your coworkers challenging, preparing it in advance can really help with your confidence and, ultimately, delivery. It can be helpful to write it out, and break it down to a few key points. A feedback platform like the one in Frankli allows people to submit feedback digitally, so you can really take your time to get it right. Our examples will help, too.

Positive to Negative Ratio

With peer feedback, it’s tempting to shower the other person with compliments in order to soften the blow of constructive criticism. But too much praise can actually cloud the message of the feedback and make it less effective. The 3:1 ratio, i.e. giving three pieces of positive feedback for every one piece of negative feedback, is a good general rule to follow, but it doesn’t need to be applied to every instance of feedback. In other words, it’s fine to tell someone you think their presentation style needs work, without tacking on a bunch of compliments, so long as you remember to give them some positive feedback tomorrow or next week.

Give and Take

The best feedback is a dialogue, not a monologue. When peer feedback is exchanged in an open, two-sided conversation, it provides a valuable opportunity to learn more about a colleague’s roles or challenges, or, indeed, to hear some useful feedback on your own performance. Take it.

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Peer Feedback: What are Some Examples of Feedback for Team Members?

Positive Peer Feedback Examples

1. “I can always count on you to (bring creative ideas to the table/keep the focus during long meetings/provide support to the rest of the team.)”

2. “I really admire how diligent you are about meeting deadlines.”

3. “I really admire the way you communicate with (customers/potential customers/the rest of the team).”

4. “I’ve learned so much by watching you work.”

5. “I really appreciate how generous you are with new team members. You always make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.”

6. “The work you do in (Department X) really helps me do my job more effectively.”

7. “Your attention to detail is really remarkable.”

8. “I appreciate your helpfulness when things get busy.”

9. “Your communication skills are excellent. I really appreciate how clearly and efficiently you get your point across.”

10. “I appreciate how quick you are to respond to our customers’ needs.”

11. “You did an incredible job on (Project X). You really showed that you’re capable of taking on (large clients/larger projects/more complex briefs.)”

12. “Your presentation was a real stand-out moment for me.”

13. “I love that you took the initiative to (start a social club/plan a charity fundraiser/suggest some office enhancements.)”

14. “I can really see the positive impact of your work in (the team’s performance/our figures for this month.)”

15. “I really appreciate the (creativity/enthusiasm/determination) you bring to your work.”

16. “I’ve been following the method you showed me for (X) and it’s really helped make things more efficient. Thanks so much for your help.”

17. “Your efforts have helped us reach our goals faster this quarter.”

18. “Your addition to the team has resulted in a dramatic boost in (morale/productivity/engagement)."

19. “Your willingness to learn has really paid off this year.”

20. “I never doubted that you would excel in this role, but you’ve exceeded my expectations.”

21. “I appreciate how thorough your recent report was. It really helped us understand how to move forward with (Project X).”

22. “I really appreciate your (creative/flexible/enthusiastic) approach.”

23. “I really admire how focussed and results-oriented you are.”

24. “We could all learn a lot from how you help customers find solutions to their problems.”

25. “One thing I really appreciate about you is your (independence/perseverance/creativity/flexibility).”

26. "Our team is all the better for having you on it.”

27. “I'm truly impressed with how you tackle challenges.”

28. “Your composure and focus in difficult times has had a fantastic influence on the entire team.”

29. “It’s easy to see why (customers/clients/team mates) love working with you.”

30. “Our customers can’t say enough good things about you, and that really speaks to your customer service skills.”

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Constructive Peer Feedback Examples

31. “I really appreciate your dedication to meeting deadlines, but the quality of your work has suffered a little as a result. Is there anything we can do to address this?”

32. “I noticed there have been some issues with customers recently. How can we work together on a solution?”

33. “I’ve been really impressed with your work on (Project X) recently, and I think I’ve found a way to make it even better.”

34. “I know you’re finding (X) a challenge at the moment. Can I suggest a way to make things more efficient?”

35. “It was really useful when you (compiled a list of leads/passed on client feedback/helped with researching the new product feature) recently. Do you think you could continue to do this on a regular basis?”

36. “I’d like to see you contribute more to (team meetings/customer support channels/team problem-solving.)”

37. “I noticed a decline in figures lately. Is there any help or feedback I can contribute that would help?”

38. “Can I offer some feedback? I think you might get better results if you tried (X).”

39. “I noticed you’re having some challenges with (X). I’ve come up against some of the same issues myself. Can I share a few things that worked for me?”

40. “I know how busy you are, but I was hoping you could take a bit more time to talk us through what you’re working on in Weekly Stand Up. It would really help me prioritise the work I send your way.”

41. “I’d love to hear more feedback from you on my performance, as I find your insights really valuable.”

42. “I know things have been challenging lately, but I think we would be in a better place to tackle these issues if we used more positive language in group settings.”

43. “I see room for improvement in (Project X). Can I offer a few more detailed suggestions?”

44. “I really appreciate your dedication to your role, but sometimes this has a negative effect on the wider team. Let me provide a recent example and we can talk through some potential solutions.”

45. “I’ve noticed that some deadlines have been missed recently, which is affecting my ability to do my job. What would you suggest we do about it?”

46. “I think the whole team would benefit from some more information on how you’re progressing with (Project X).”

47. “I’d love to see something a little closer to (Project X). I was really impressed with your work on it last quarter.”

Frankli provides teams with intuitive channels for giving, receiving and requesting feedback at all levels of the organisation. In each case, it's a simple step-by-step process, with useful prompts along the way. Learn more about Frankli.

1. Gartner, Peer Feedback Boosts Employee Performance.

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