Frankli FAQ

Frankli Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frankli?

Performance management made easy.

Frankli helps busy people managers set goals
and provide continuous feedback to their teams — while giving total visibility to HR. Learn more about Frankli.

What’s the cost of Frankli?

We offer three pricing plans, each with a different set of tools. Details are at the top of this page. Pricing is based on the number of team members using Frankli. The packages here are a guide, feel free to mix & match tools between packages.

Do you have a starting agreement size?

For paid plans, the starting annual agreement is €2,000.

Do you offer discounts to non-profit organisations?

Yes, we do. Contact our sales team at to activate this discount.

What's the ROI with Frankli?

Frankli delivers a 9x return on investment in terms of time savings alone. Learn more about our ROI calculations here. Use our calculator to estimate ROI from increased employee engagement and retention. Check out our customer success stories to see how teams benefit from using Frankli.

How secure is Frankli?

At Frankli, customer security is our top priority. We maintain the highest standards of data privacy and security, conducting regular testing and security reviews to ensure GDPR compliance and industry best practices. Learn more here.

How long does Frankli take to implement?

Frankli is quick and easy to implement. As a cloud-based platform, you simply log in, invite your team, and get started. We'll fully support your administrator to ensure they become experts in no time.

What’s the Customer Service like?

Our team is always available via phone or live chat with an average response time of < 2 minutes. We've invested in a library of videos to walk you through our tools and an extensive Help Centre for questions. Sometimes you just want to chat with a team member, and we're here for that too. Frankli is rated #1 for quality of support on G2.

We have an HR system already. Why would we need Frankli?

HRIS platforms are designed for administrators, while Frankli is designed for people. It empowers employees to take ownership of their performance and career. This drives adoption, leading to Monthly Active User rates that are 3x the industry average. Frankli offers increased functionality and integrations compared to HRIS platforms. Compare Frankli with top HRIS platforms here.

Why should we automate our performance processes?

Manual performance management and engagement processes are time-consuming and ineffective. Frankli removes this administrative burden, saving thousands of hours and freeing HR and leadership teams to focus on more important work. Compare Frankli with manual systems here.

I’ve heard of OKRs. Should we be using them? What’s the benefit of using them?

Managing goals through Frankli increases the likelihood of achieving them by up to 85%. The OKR framework clarifies priorities and ensures everyone is connected to company goals and each other, driving better results. Find out more about Frankli's OKR tools here.

Do you offer any integrations?

Yes. Frankli integrates with Microsoft and Google SSO, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and many other popular tools, including top HRIS platforms. Find the full list of integrations here.

What's involved in the implementation of Frankli?

Implementing Frankli is seamless and straightforward. Expect wonderful onboarding experiences, easy data transfer, and flexible timelines. Once logged in, tailor the product to your needs through the Admin dashboard.

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