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Frankli Vs Lattice: Top Lattice Alternatives in 2023

Looking for a Lattice alternative for performance management, engagement and development? Learn why Frankli is one of the top Lattice alternatives in 2023.

The platforms you choose for managing employee performance can have a huge impact on everything from profitability to employee satisfaction (1), so it’s important to explore your options during the buying process - for example, if you’re interested in Lattice’s tools, you should also consider top Lattice alternatives like Frankli.

Software experts recommend researching around 10 to 15 platforms before choosing 3 to 5 to demo (2). It may sound like a time-consuming and complicated process - and it often is! - but finding the right platform for your teams can be really influential in reaching company goals. We talk about this in more detail below.

In this article, we’re comparing two of the most popular employee performance management platforms, Lattice and Frankli, across pricing, functionality, customer support and more. We’ll help you kickstart your research on the top Lattice competitors and explore whether Frankli is a viable Lattice alternative for your teams.

But first, let’s talk about the importance of choosing the right platform.

Compare Frankli and Leapsome

Compare Frankli and Culture Amp

The Importance of Choosing the Right Software

Providing your people with easy-to-use digital tools has obvious benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and even profitability (1). But the impact of a software platform on the company’s success depends on how your people will use it, and also how many of them will use it.

The stakes aren’t particularly high when a tool will be used by 2 or 3 employees in a single department to automate basic administrative tasks. But when everyone in the company will be using the platform to track their goal progress, that’s another story entirely.

Simply put, the more time employees are expected to spend in the platform, and the higher the impact of their actions, the more time you should spend in finding the right one.

Choosing a Platform that Employees Actually Want to Use

We know that different platforms yield different results in terms of efficiency, productivity, etc. But something that’s often overlooked is digital employee experience or DEX.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) refers to an employee’s experience with the digital tools they use to perform work-related tasks.

Companies with great DEX perform better across a number of metrics - let’s take a look at some key statistics:

  • 50% of employees would leave their current job for a role that offers better digital tools (3).

  • Companies with mature DEX programs were 33% more likely to report higher employee satisfaction and 62% more likely to see higher employee retention rates (4).

  • U.S. companies report US$8.3 billion in lost productivity per year due to inefficient or difficult-to-use software tools (5).

The message here is clear - forcing your people to use a platform they dislike is a waste of company resources, in terms of money spent on the software, time wasted by employees using the software and time spent by managers and HR teams trying to coax employees to embrace the software.

Only when employees find it easy to use a platform and see the personal value in using its tools will you begin to see a positive impact on company success. This is never more important than with software for managing employee performance, engagement and development, which, as we know, is so closely linked to employee experience.

Learn how employee experience impacts engagement, financial performance, customer satisfaction and more.

Frankli Vs Lattice Feature Comparison

It’s clear why Frankli is among the most popular Lattice alternatives. They have many features in common - on paper, Frankli OKRs look similar to Lattice OKRs, Frankli 360 Reviews look similar to Lattice 360 Reviews, and so on. But the functionality and scope of these tools varies widely. And there are additional features to consider, too.

Here are just a couple of tools that are unique to Frankli;

  • Coaching and Mentoring. Frankli’s Connect tools allow HR leaders to set up internal coaching and mentoring programs in minutes. Using a self-serve model, employees can request to connect with colleagues for coaching and mentoring sessions that will help them grow skills, explore interests and gain competencies.

  • Careers. Frankli’s Careers space allows leaders to create an online internal talent marketplace that reduces hiring costs and minimises bias, while making expectations crystal clear with a framework of competencies for each role.

  • Tasks. Integrating with the Goals and 1:1 Meeting tools, the Tasks space in Frankli allows employees to manage smaller tasks and link these initiatives to wider goals, demonstrating their value. Automated reminders ensure that tasks, particularly those set during busy 1:1 meeting conversations, aren’t forgotten.

There’s just one tool that’s unique to Lattice - compensation management - but it’s a tool that’s often offered by HRIS platforms, most of which Frankli integrates with.

Frankli Vs Lattice Feature Comparison Chart

Frankli Vs Lattice feature comparison performance management software

Frankli Vs Lattice Pricing

As well as offering different tools, Frankli and Lattice operate very different pricing models.

Frankli offers 3 plans;

  • Grow. This plan includes all features except goals, tasks and integrations. It’s priced at €7 or US$7.50* per person per month.

  • Scale. This plan includes all of Frankli’s features, plus dedicated customer support, and is priced at €11 or US$11.79* per person per month.

  • Enterprise. Larger organisations receive a custom quote via the Enterprise plan, which also offers the customer a dedicated onboarding specialist.

Lattice employee engagement, performance management, employee development and employee compensation tools are all priced separately. This means that if you want the full set of tools, you’ll have to pay for all 4 plans (6).

In short, access to the full suite of performance management, engagement and development tools is 60% higher with Lattice. Lattice charges €17.73* or US$19/person/month Vs Frankli’s €11 or US$11.79*/person/month (6).

Another point to note: building a well-rounded strategy is particularly important when it comes to employee performance and engagement. Platforms like Frankli and Lattice are most powerful when all the tools are being used together to form a 360° approach to performance and engagement.

Frankli Vs Lattice Pricing Comparison Chart

Service Frankli vs Lattice top Lattice alternatives pricing comparison

Frankli Vs Lattice Customer Service Comparison

The best way to learn about customer support is from real customers, and independent software review sites like G2 and Capterra can be really helpful here.

Frankli is rated no.1 on G2 for quality of support, with a 9.5 rating (7), while Lattice is rated 9.4 (8). On Capterra, Frankli and Lattice are both rated 4.6 (9,10).

When comparing customer support, it’s important to also consider the specific customer support channels on offer.

Frankli makes this very clear on their pricing page;

  • Grow plan. Help centre, resource hub and 24/7 chat support.

  • Scale plan. Help centre, resource hub, 24/7 chat support and dedicated support from an assigned customer success specialist.

  • Enterprise plan. Help centre, resource hub, 24/7 chat support, dedicated support from an assigned customer success specialist and dedicated support from a customer onboarding specialist.

Lattice’s customer support channels are a little harder to understand. They offer a help centre, resource hub and chat support during selected business hours, but it’s unclear from their customer experience page (11) whether dedicated customer support specialists or customer onboarding specialists are available for all or any plans.

Frankli Vs Lattice Customer Service Comparison Chart

Service Frankli vs Lattice top Lattice alternatives comparison2

Frankli Vs Lattice Independent Review Site Comparison

As we mentioned above, independent software review sites like G2 and Capterra are really helpful for comparing performance management platforms.

Let’s see how real Frankli customers rate Frankli Vs how real Lattice customers rate Lattice.

Frankli Vs Lattice Independent Review Site Comparison Chart

Service Frankli vs Lattice top Lattice alternatives comparison2

Frankli Vs Lattice Integrations Comparison

Frankli and Lattice both offer integrations with communication and collaboration tools like Gmail, Outlook, MS Teams and Slack, as well as supporting Single Sign On.

When it comes to HRIS platforms, Frankli surpasses Lattice by offering a wider selection of integrations.

Frankli Vs Lattice Integrations Comparison Chart

Service Frankli vs Lattice top Lattice alternatives comparison2

Frankli Vs Lattice Company Comparison

Some leaders like to consider factors like company location, values or tenure during the buying process, so we’ve included some basic company information here.

Frankli Vs Lattice Company Comparison Chart

Service Frankli vs Lattice top Lattice alternatives comparison2

Top Lattice Alternatives 2023: What Makes Frankli Different?

When you view all of this data together, it’s easy to see why Frankli is one of the most popular Lattice alternatives.

But what exactly makes Frankli different from Lattice and other Lattice competitors? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Frankli a great Lattice alternative for companies of all sizes.

High Adoption Rates

Frankli was developed with employee experience at the core of its design. Employees are guided through simple workflows, provided with templates to speed up practices like goal-setting, and sent automated reminders about important meetings and deadlines. And Frankli’s customer success team are always available to provide support.

As a result, employee adoption rates for Frankli are consistently high - 99% of users added to the platform are active within the first 30 days. And when employees start using the platform, they tend to stick around - Frankli’s Monthly Active User rate is 3x the industry average (12).

Full Flexibility

A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to performance management. That’s why Frankli has been designed to adapt to the specific needs, goals and culture of customers.

Based on 1000s of conversations with customers, Frankli has added the option to personalise key processes like reviews and customise workflows. Functions can also be activated and deactivated to allow teams to launch initiatives at their own pace. So each company’s platform will be totally unique to their teams.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Frankli’s customer service goes beyond other products in the market, as evidenced by our no.1 rating on G2 for quality of support.

Through their customer success teams, they’ve built watertight relationships with their customers, who they support via a continuous feedback loop.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

When it comes to HRIS platforms, Frankli surpasses other platforms by offering a wider selection of integrations.

This means that, whatever platform you use, you'll be able to save time by sharing employee data between Frankli and your HRIS tool.

Switching to Frankli: What you Need to Know

Switching to Frankli from another performance management platform is easy.

  • Wonderful onboarding experiences. We’ve supported lots of other teams who’ve made the switch from platforms like Lattice to Frankli, so we’re well prepared to help you transition seamlessly. Our customer success specialists will be happy to provide you with the training, resources and support your teams need to get going.

  • Easy data transfer. We understand that you’ll want to retain employee data, so we’ve made transferring this information to Frankli super easy.

  • Flexible timelines. Whether you want to launch all of Frankli’s tools at once, or move at a slower pace, Frankli’s team will support you every step of the way.


1. Deloitte, Top Findings from High-Impact Performance Management Research. 2. LearnUpon, Choosing Software for Your Business: A Buyer's Guide. 3. HR Tech Series, Half Of Employees Would Leave Their Jobs Due To Bad Digital Tools. 4. 1E, The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Report. 5. Destination CRM, US$8.3 billion in lost productivity every year. 6. Lattice pricing page. 7. Frankli on G2. 8. Lattice on G2. 9. Frankli on Capterra. 10. Lattice on Capterra. 11. Lattice Customer Experience. 12. Mixpanel Product Benchmark Report.

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