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Goal Template: 4 Sample OKRs for Product Management Teams

Looking for OKR examples for product management teams? We're sharing sample product management goals across areas like user testing and product planning.

Writing down and tracking goals is one of the most effective ways of improving productivity across your teams (1), and when it comes to product management goals, we believe templates are the simplest way to get started. Example goals give you clear guidelines to follow, helping you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Today, we're sharing 4 sample OKRs (objectives and key results) for team members working in product management.

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Goal Template: 4 Sample OKRs for Product Management Teams

Objective: Successfully launch version 3 of our main product

Key Results:

Get over 10000 new signups

Get published product reviews in over 15 publications

Achieve sign-up to % trial ratio of over 25%

Achieve trial to % paid ratio of over 50%

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Objective: Activate user-testing of our product

Key Results:

Conduct at least 21 face-to-face user testing and interview sessions

Receive at least 15 video interviews from Usertesting.com

Objective: Implement new 360-degree product planning process

Key Results:

Document clear role division between sales, marketing, design and development

Decide on and document the process of input methods to and from sales, marketing, design and development back into product management

Integrate user testing into all activities in product planning and design phase

Integrate user testing into pre-launch testing phase

Objective: Research, analyze and understand what our users and non-users really think

Key Results:

Sales team to conduct 50 phone interviews with key accounts

Support team to conduct 50 phone interviews with churned accounts

Product management to interview 25 external team leaders (non-users)

Design team to conduct 30 web-based user testing sessions on new and old users


1. Edwin A and Locke, Gary P. Latham, New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance.

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