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Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Design Teams

Looking for OKR examples for design teams? We're sharing sample design team goals across areas like web and graphic design.

Research tells us that tracking goals is one of the best ways of improving productivity across your teams (1), and when it comes to design team goals, we believe templates are way to go. Sample goals give you clear guidelines to follow, helping you avoid some of the major pitfalls. Today, we're sharing 5 sample OKRs (objectives and key results) for team members working in design including areas like web, product and graphic design.

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Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Design Teams

Objective: Redesign and launch our new landing page

Key Results:

Test existing landing page on external users for understanding issues

Conduct stakeholder interviews with 10 people from sales and marketing

Design new version of our site structure, navigation and all pages

User-test page prototypes on 12 people

With development and marketing, launch by November 1st

Increase visitor to % sign-up ratio from 9% to 15%

Objective: Promote our design team as the best place to work

Key Results:

Apply for 5 external design competitions

Publish 2 open source design and UI/UX freebies

Conduct 3 monthly designer meetups at our office

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Objective: Become a strongly design-driven company

Key Results:

Establish a set of live brand and design guides and assets, as PDF and online

Set budget for design software, online presence accounts (like Dribbble), and premium resources that don't make sense to create ourselves (mockup templates, wireframe kits, stock photos and illustrations)

Run at least 1 Google Sprint (gv.com/sprint)

Objective: Support marketing and sales with design deliverables

Key Results:

12 infographic and slide sets

1 special campaign marketing minisite

Objective: Improve the trial sign-up flow

Key Results:

Reduce the number of steps to sign up for trial

Increase the percentage of completed sign ups

Reduce number of inputs during the trial


1. Edwin A and Locke, Gary P. Latham, New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance.

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