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Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Engineering Teams

Looking for OKR examples to help you write your own? We're sharing 5 goals that are perfect for engineers or development teams, including objectives and key results.

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Strategic goal-setting is one of the most effective ways of improving productivity across your teams (1). But understanding the importance of goal-setting is one thing, designing clear, ambitious goals is quite another. When writing OKRs, It's easy to get stuck, make your goals too attainable or too difficult, or set too many at once. That's why working from a template can be so helpful. It gives you a clear guideline to follow, and it's less intimidating than starting from scratch. Of course, you need OKR goal templates that are super relevant to your role, which is where we come in! Today, we're sharing 5 sample goals for software engineering teams, covering some of the most common objectives that development teams work towards.

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Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Engineering Teams

Objective: Improve our testing procedures

Key Results:

Implement test-driven development in 3 new development teams

Increase unit test coverage to 75% of code

Conduct a security assessment of our codebase using automated tools

User-test page prototypes on 12 people

Make sure satisfaction score of product management to testing team is at least 7.5

Objective: Refactor our old user management module

Key Results:

Survey 5 external API users regarding issues with our authentication

Discuss the user management code usage with 5 engineers having used it in production

Rewrite and launch new version of our user management module

Rewrite the API user authentication for new version

Objective: Review and improve our data security procedures

Key Results:

For learning, review security policies of 5 other companies

Conduct external penetration testing using at least 2 different software packages

Document our backup policies and make sure they get implemented

copy of goal template video and gifFrankli's goal-setting tool helps you set relevant personal, team, department, site or company goals in seconds.

Objective: Deliver features to specification and on-time

Key Results:

Average of 90% story point completion rate from sprint max scope to release

No more than 5 days late on releases per quarter

Max 5% hotfix tickets relative to release tickets

No more than 10% increase in story points from sprint start to max scope

Max 5% of tickets get kicked back following UAT

Objective: Build a stable, secure, and scalable platform

Key Results:

No SLA downtime violations

No more than 5% of users experience an error

Average deployment downtime < 30 minutes

100% of feature areas with automated test coverage


1. Edwin A and Locke, Gary P. Latham, New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance.

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