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Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Sales Teams

Looking for OKR examples for sales teams? We're sharing sample sales team goals across areas like revenue growth, data collection and process improvement.

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Writing down and tracking goals is one of the most effective ways of improving productivity across your teams (1), and when it comes to sales team goals, we believe templates are the best way to get started. Sample goals give you clear guidelines to follow, helping you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Today, we're sharing 5 sample OKRs (objectives and key results) for team members working in sales, covering some of the most common sales team goals across revenue growth, data collection and process improvement.

Free Download: Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Sales Teams

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Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for Sales Teams

Objective: Achieve record revenues while increasing profitability

Key Results:

Hit quarterly revenue of over $100,000

Start sales in 2 new countries

Achieve first quarter revenues totalling over $100,000

Increase gross profit % margin from 23% to 54%

Objective: Increase recurring revenues

Key Results:

Reach monthly recurring revenue ($ MRR) of $250k

Increase the share of monthly subscriptions vs one-time contracts sold to 85%

Increase average subscription size to at least $295 per month

Increase % annual renewals to 75%

Reduce churn % to less than 1% monthly

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Objective: Kickstart sales process activity indicator improvements

Key Results:

Increase calls per salesperson to 6300 per quarter

Achieve at least 315 demo calls per salesperson per quarter

At least 33% of online signups % reached via calling them back

Have each salesperson spend at least 84 hours per month on support chat

Objective: Collect more accurate sales leads data

Key Results:

Create the list of lead metrics and scripted questions to collect in CRM

Make sure at least 75% of leads have the obligatory question answers filled in

With development automate the data collection from our backend to CRM

Redesign signup form to ask for 3 new obligatory screening questions

Objective: Increase the quality of our sales approach

Key Results:

Make sure at least 50% of signups % called back in first 24 hours

Have all salespeople listen in to at least 10 product demos of other team members

Create a best practices sales process document with minimum allowed service levels


1. Edwin A and Locke, Gary P. Latham, New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance.

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