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Goal Template: 6 Sample OKRs for People Operations

Looking for OKR examples for people operations or HR teams? We're sharing sample goals for areas like employee engagement, culture, development, recruitment and DEI.

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Writing down and tracking your goals is one of the most effective ways of improving productivity across your teams (1). But understanding the importance of goal-setting is one thing, designing ambitious yet achievable goals is quite another. That's why we love working from templates. Sample goals give you clear guidelines to follow, helping you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Of course, you need OKR goal templates that are relevant to your team, which is where we come in! Today, we're sharing 6 sample goals for team members working in people operations, covering some of the most common objectives that HR pros work towards across engagement, development and DEI.

Free Download: Goal Template: 5 Sample OKRs for People Operations

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Goal Template: 6 Sample OKRs for People Operations

Objective: Improve internal employee engagement

Key Results:

Roll-out monthly 1:1 meetings with all people

Interview 48 employees on their needs for improving our work culture

Implement using OKRs and Frankli software in all teams

Reach quarterly eNPS score of >= 40 points

Objective: Define and promote company culture and values

Key Results:

Survey all employees on our current values (min 75 answers received)

With 3 separate teams, conduct brainstorm sessions to redefine our culture

Design and promote our new values on intranet and in office environment

Objective: Execute recruitment outreach campaign for engineering

Key Results:

Conduct career day seminars in 5 universities

Harvest Linkedin to collect 250 potential new candidates

Organize an open career day at the office with at least 50 participants

Redesign and publish our careers and jobs website section

copy of goal template video and gifFrankli's goal-setting tool helps you set relevant personal, team, department, site or company goals in seconds.

Objective: Boost manager development and success

Key Results:

Increase participation in our 'First-time Manager Success' training to 83% of first-time managers

Increase Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of the 'Manager' segment by 25% to 58

Create a mentoring program pairing first-time managers with company leadership (Directors, VPs and C-suite)

Objective: Design and launch internal Employee Academy

Key Results:

Survey 15 team leaders on our educational needs and gaps

Talk to 3 other company's HR Directors on how they do internal education

Define 10 training modules and design content for each

Conduct the first 3-day team offsite to test out the Academy curriculum

Objective: Create and celebrate a diverse and inclusive team

Key Results:

Increase women in leadership positions (Director and above) to 43%.

100% of hiring managers, interviewers and recruiters attends our unconscious bias workshop

Increase underrepresented minorities in tech roles to 39%.


1. Edwin A and Locke, Gary P. Latham, New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance.

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