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“People need a channel for sharing ideas. Otherwise, it might not happen.”

Want to support your people to express their ideas and perspectives at work? Team Frankli's Clair Ashmore discusses how the right performance software can help.

Clair is a Growth Specialist at Frankli. She's been a member of our team for just over a year. In our very first Meet the Team feature, we discuss her Frankli journey so far, what's broken about the modern world of work, and how Frankli can help fix it.

What drew you to working with Frankli?

What drew me to Frankli, number one, was their open-mindedness about remote work. That gave me the opportunity to work for them because I’m living in Waterford and the company's based in Sligo. Number two is the platform itself, it's just amazing to use. It's an incredible piece of software. I've never seen any platforms like it in any of the previous jobs that I've had.

It's so easy to use, the user experience is just fantastic. And I think there's a lot of scope for where it can go in the future.

What were your first impressions of the platform?

I was impressed with how fluidly the features all worked together. It’s a platform where you can really gather all the data on your performance. So you're not struggling to think, “What have I done well? What could I do better?” It's all there in front of you.

What would you say is the most satisfying thing about your role?

I love seeing how excited our customers get when they see Frankli for the first time, when they realise that we can fill a really important need for them. We have some super champions at The Project Foundry and Quanta Dialysis Technologies, and they really love to use Frankli.

Do you get a lot of feedback from customers in your role?

Yeah, absolutely. We get feedback from People Directors who rave about how user-friendly Frankli is. People Directors have usually been around for a long time, in order to get a role like that, so they've seen it all.

To be getting that kind of feedback, that it's the most user-friendly platform they've ever seen, is phenomenal.

Customers sometimes suggest changes they'd like to see made in the platform, is that something you work with them on?

A hundred percent. We have such a talented development team, they can take items from a customer wish list and implement them in a really quick turnaround.

What's one thing about the world of work that you think needs to change?

Remote work is number one. Number two I think is flexibility. People want to work and they want to do well at their jobs, but people have families and different life circumstances, and that doesn't always fit in with the idea of a 9 to 5. I myself start work quite early and then I might finish for an hour in the morning and drop my kids to school. That flexibility is key for me.

I've worked in companies where, if you weren't putting in your 9 to 5, plus a little bit extra, you weren't doing your job right, which is just an optics thing, it doesn't make any sense.

What’s your favourite thing about being on Team Frankli?

It's a super collaborative team, we’re all very much together on planning what needs to be done and what needs to be prioritised for our customers. It's an open conversation between the SLT, the Development team and the Growth team, which is great.

What’s your favourite Frankli feature?

It changes week on week. I think this week it’s probably Feedback. I think Feedback is such a phenomenal feature, I've never seen anything like that before in a platform, for giving praise, for highlighting what a great job your teammates are doing, for requesting feedback on yourself, or even sharing ideas. I wouldn't have emailed any of my managers previously and said, “Hey, I think we should finish early on a Thursday,” or “I think we should change how we do this,” but Feedback gives you that space. People need a channel for sharing ideas. Otherwise, it might not happen.

clair interests

To find out a little bit more about Clair, we decided to play a little game called Know Me Better. It works like this; the player chooses three of the Personal Interests they've shared with their team in Frankli, and we ask a quick-fire question based on each one. Clair chose Prosecco, Cooking and Fitness, which, she insisted we mention, are not to be enjoyed at the same time!

Let's talk Prosecco vessels: flute, wine or coupe glass? 🥂

I'm a flute person. When I went to Venice with my mother years ago, they brought it out in glasses that looked like a mix between a flute and a white wine glass. I said to the waiter, “You don’t use flutes?” and he said, “Flutes are for the French.” So I have those as well. I think that proves that I’m a diehard Prosecco fan!

What’s your most unpopular food opinion? 🥐

I think you should be allowed to have something sweet for breakfast every morning, like brioche or croissants. I think that should be a normalised thing.

What's on your workout playlist? 👟

Let’s take a look… Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Fatboy Slim, Public Enemy, Kid Cudi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dojo Cat, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheran, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Major Lazer. It’s a real mix.

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