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What is High Performance Culture?

What does high performance culture mean? We're sharing a simple definition of high performance culture.

So much is written about high performance and how to achieve it. We know that culture plays a huge role, but what does it mean to have a high performance culture? The truth is that it means something slightly different to everyone, so today, we're sharing our definition of high performance culture.

What is High Performance Culture?

In its simplest terms, high performance is organisational culture that leads to success and growth for the business, and for its people. In a high performance culture, people are motivated, engaged and productive. They have everything they need to meet and even exceed their goals, and the company thrives as a result.

Research firm Gartner offers a little more detail on what makes a high performance workplace. They describe, “a physical or virtual environment designed to make workers as effective as possible in supporting business goals and providing value. A high-performance workplace results from continually balancing investment in people, process, physical environment and technology, to measurably enhance the ability of workers to learn, discover, innovate, team and lead, and to achieve efficiency and financial benefit.(1)”

1. Gartner, Information Technology Glossary: High Performance Workplace.

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