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Performance Review Template: 26 Manager Review Questions

Looking for a performance review template with manager review questions? We're sharing a downloadable template featuring 360 review questions for employee surveys.

When it comes to creating performance review surveys, a template can make things so much simpler, which is why, today, we're sharing a handy collection of manager review questions.

Manager reviews play a critical role in the 360-degree review process, providing employees with an opportunity to get valuable, detailed feedback on their performance from their manager.

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We're huge fans of 360-degree reviews here at Frankli - so much so, that we've developed a tool to make this type of review easier and faster to run. But don't worry if you don't have access to our platform yet, you can still view our performance review template below and as a free download.

Our templates have been designed, not only to make the appraisal process faster, but to optimise the results! Using the latest research in organisational psychology, we've developed questions that paint a really detailed, well-rounded picture of the subject.

(If you'd like our full 360 degree review template, including sample questions for manager, upward and peer reviews, as well as self reflection questions you'll find it here.)

Creating a review cycle in Frankli, digital performance reviews

Creating a review cycle in Frankli

What is a Manager Review?

A manager review is a critical part of the performance review process in which the employee receives feedback on their performance from their manager. This is an opportunity for in-depth feedback across areas like communication, teamwork, creativity and efficiency, and, most importantly, a chance to identify how the employee can improve.

You'll find answers to more frequently-asked questions on performance reviews here. Now let's dive into the questions!

Performance Review Template: Manager Questions

Likert Scale Questions

(The participant will be asked to select Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree or Strongly Disagree)

  • This teammate is an effective communicator and demonstrates strong communication skills.

  • This teammate is capable of finding solutions for the most demanding and troublesome tasks.

  • This teammate shows excellent analytical abilities in every aspect of their work.

  • This teammate exhibits strong leadership skills.

  • This teammate is always timely and efficient at providing feedback.

  • This teammate always finds creative solutions and takes initiative when problem-solving.

  • This teammate is always open to receiving both negative and positive feedback.

  • This teammate strongly embodies our company values.

  • This teammate values diverse perspectives, even if they are different from their own.

  • This teammate is efficient in completing assigned tasks.

  • This teammate prioritises their workload effectively and meets deadlines.

  • This teammate's skills are being effectively used in their role.

  • This teammate is ready for a promotion today.

Open-Ended Questions

  • What are this teammate's key areas of growth? Please give specific examples.

  • What are this teammate's key strengths? Please give specific examples.

  • In what areas does this teammate need to develop?

  • Looking back at this teammate's OKRs over this review period, what has been the highlight of their performance?

  • Where and how has this teammate added exceptional, differentiated or positive value to the business?

  • To what extent did this teammate meet their OKRs this quarter?

  • To what extent did this teammate meet their KPIs this quarter?

  • What areas do you feel this teammate has excelled in over the review period?

  • What areas do you feel this teammate has succeeded in over the review period?

  • What areas do you feel this teammate may need support to improve?

  • What do you think were the key factors which helped this teammate succeed in these areas?

  • What steps should they be taking to improve their performance?

  • Are there any additional responsibilities that they could take on?

  • How well did this teammate manage their workload this quarter? Please provide specific examples.

  • To what extent did this teammate meet their KPIs this quarter? Please give specific examples.

  • How well did this teammate communicate with others this quarter?

  • What is the company value that this teammate most exemplified this quarter? Please provide examples of how.

  • To what extent did this teammate's work have an impact on revenue?

  • What goals would you like to see this teammate meet in the next quarter?

  • To what extent was this teammate detail-oriented?

  • To what extent was this teammate capable of working independently with little to no supervision?

  • What was the level of quality of the work teammate produced?

  • To what extent did this teammate help improve the skills of the people around them?

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